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I am Doner kiosk setup at their Leeds City Centre store


of transactions now with customer and basket-level sales data

How YO! transformed their operations in just six weeks

With their iconic sushi conveyor belts, YO! has been one of the best-loved British restaurant brands since the 90s. As pioneers in the tech-powered restaurant space, it is no surprise that YO! was also an early adopter of digital ordering.

How LEON drove digital ordering adoption to 95%

LEON was an early mover in the QSR space. Their forward-thinking digital approach means they continue to innovate and deliver a next-level customer experiences while building a robust and sustainable business.


increase in C&C customers with Loyalty & Subscriptions


of customers rate their digital experience as great

From concept to launch in just six weeks

When Covid hit, Nando’s faced unexpected challenges, including the government mandate of Order & Pay for dine-in restaurants. Putting the project out to tender, Nando’s needed Vita Mojo to deliver in just six weeks. 

The future of fast casual: smart, efficient, and customisable

As HOP Vietnamese accelerated their digital transformation, They reduced kitchen labour by 25% while increasing ATV by 20%. Learn how Vita Mojo tech helped this unique restaurant concept build a more robust, and future-proof business model.


increase in ATV


staff member freed up per shift

I Am Doner: driving digital adoption and transforming labour models

Fast-food chain I am Doner uses Vita Mojo’s fully integrated system tech to create an efficient labour model, reduce operational complexity and increase ATV. Find out how self-serve kiosks helped them increase their order sizes by 23% while freeing up one staff member per shift.

The future of quick-service: smart, customisable and on-brand

Fully-customisable, made-to-order and masters of digital adoption, Tossed made the move to become fully digital in 2016, making kiosks their main in-store ordering method.


increase in Click & Collect ATV


Increase in ATV with kiosks

The Vurger Co.
Running smarter with Vita Mojo’s full-suite technology

100% vegan, 100% cashless and 100% loved by customers across the UK for their bold branding and friendly service. Since going full-suite with Vita Mojo, The Vurger Co has ‘never looked back.’

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